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for rupert murdoch ... >>the whereabouts of casey anthony is a closely guarded secret and what her lawyers are and are not saying about her new life >>and a violent storm and ottawa collapses you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway? that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem." they gave me this pantene called breakage to strength. [ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. fallout continues in the wake of the british pound hacking scandal. two of london's top police officers resigned in less than 24 hours and prime minister david cameron is now calling for an emergency session of parliament ... >>london's police chief paul stevenson resigned last night followed by assistant commissioner john yates. sir paul stephenson came under fire for hiring former news
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building in london chanting rupert murdoch must go ... inside the hearing a man who was apparently carrying shaving cream attacked cam who was not hurt rupert murdoch's wife sitting behind him appear to tour software that attacker the man was quickly arrested during his testimony for iraq denied feeling responsible for legal phone hacking carried out by news corp. employees. he also said he has seen no evidence that 911 victims in the united states were victims of phone hacking by his employees and he does not leave it happened at all ... >>former news of the world reporter sean hoare was found dead by police at his home in london it was hoare who first claimed that the paper's editor andy coulson encourage phone hacking on crime victims and celebrities london police have not given a cause of death if pesetas not suspicious sean hoare was reportedly battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol ... if florida teenager accused of killing his parents and then hosting a party at their home is being held without bail 17 year- old tyler hadley was arrested late sunday on two counts of first-degree
rupert murdoch could be a target of federal investigators in connection with hacking scandal that has him in hot water and britain. so u.s. lawmakers are urging the fed is to investigate their concern that september 11th victim's may have had their phones tapped three senators and congressmen are asking the justice department determined effort for murdoch's u.s. based companies violated anti burr ridge another loss robert ross will appear before parliament next week to answer questions about the scandal that led to the closure of the news of the world newspaper the scandal is now extending out to other murdoch organizations funeral services began less than an hour for a former first lady betty ford ... it public viewing was held again this morning at the gerald ford presidential library in grand rapids ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] when you smile, the world smiles back. introducing crest 3d white enamel renewal toothpaste. it not only removes up to 90% of surface stains in just two weeks, it also strengthens and rebuilds your enamel. so, where are you getting off? thr
served as prime minister after resigning as editor of the paper. newspaper owner rupert murdoch is facing a backlash at a time he was looking to expand his influence in great britain's media some 4000 accounts were illegally hacked ... victims of terror attacks as well as the celebrities retargeted murdoch closed the paper after all advertisers pulled out sunday will be the last edition. >>the paris prosecutor's office opened a preliminary investigation today into accusations by a french writer the former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn try to rape her. tristane banon filed a complaint this week saying that strauss- kahn attacked her during an interview for the project in 2003 prosecutors say the investigation could take months to determine whether travelers needed stress, is also accused of attempted rape of a new york made in may but both charges may be dropped. >>the royal couple will arrive in the united states today and they've already gone country at the duke and duchess of cambridge each were massive matching white cowboy hats and jeans to our reception for the calgary stampede
murdoch and his son are to testify on the case here in the u.s. the fbi is looking at whether 911 victims or their families were also hacking targets by murdoch's paper appeared >> the white house congressional leaders made little progress on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, the wall street journal reports that president barack obama and congressional leaders are trying to come up with a deficit reduction plan that would win enough support for lawmakers to also raise the borrowing limit without a deal by august 2nd the u.s. might begin defaulting on its obligations. >> we called into question for the first time in our history interest rates will go up, this recession will get worse and we will lose jobs and businesses will fail. >> we are willing to give the president an increase in the debt limit. but senator durban and 20 other democrats and the senate are on record supporting the balanced budget amendment and that is a place that we have to get to. >> house republicans are moving ahead with a vote next week on a plan to cut and cap spending, it would make raising the debt ceiling
murdoch's efforts to take full ownership of the british satellite broadcaster b sky nationwide insurance. talk to me. should i bundle all my policies with nationwide insurance ? watch this. on one hand, you have your home insurance with one company. and on another hand, you have your auto with another. and on another hand you have your life with another. huh... but when you bundle them all together with nationwide insurance... ... they all work together perfectly-- and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ i am angie lau 0 of bloomberg news ... ... stocks are little changed as the senate works on the plan to deal with the debt ceiling crisis ... apple is shining on wall street today numbers are soaring after record sales posted and they announced today they will begin selling their updated it mac many beginning at $500 it will feature new graphics and next- generation intel corp. processors ... apple's victory over h t c corporation may slow the advance of the google android operating system for a smart phones ... a judge found
murdoch and son james and rebecca brooks were summoned before lawmakers in the u.k. to answer questions about the media organization paying off policeman for information and sources ... cisco systems may cut as much as 10,000 jobs that would be 14% of its work force it hopes to revive profit growth and save a billion dollars in the effort to turn around the company ... the subprimal mortgage mess heard from a world leading to the financial crisis we are still trying to emerge and recover from ... the u.s. claims deutsche bank and its mortgage i t subsidiary are responsible and had a hand in hand this sub prime mass ... the bank is defending its position ... >>researchers at the federal reserve bank of san francisco said that this sub prime mortgage problem has cost united states citizens over $7,000 per person or hundred $75 a month ... children's social security numbers and the clean credit records that go with them have become a new target for scammers karen and haifa... current-has some tips for parents ... be on the lookout for big warning signs: any adult oriented mail addressed
scandal is expanding to other newspapers the scandal over phone hacking by rupert murdoch's news of the world force the tabloid to shut down and prompted two top police officers to resign now police want the british information commissioner's office to hand over files on an earlier investigation involves a private investigator who sold illegally obtained information to news of the world the daily mail the daily mirror and other newspapers ... >>it looks like even the president of the night it states is not exempt from paying traffic fines once in awhile during a visit to london back and de president obama failed to pay a $16 congest in fate for his limousine nicknamed the beast so the president was slapped with a $200 fine london officials say that the levy the charge in order to keep streets less crowded during the workweek president obama has yet to address that situation ... >>the day's top business stories are next plus how to avoid air- conditioning repair scams and changes to what the tsa agent will be able to see when passengers go through a full body scanners nationwide
former president gerald ford. tough accusations for media mastermind rupert murdoch powerful group of news corps shareholders accuses him of treating his media empire like "family candy jar. " nepotism by hiring relatives they say it is inconceivable that he did not know of rampant phone hacking at london's defog to news of the world tabloid. the group also blasted son and board member for not investigating the hacking charges that ultimately shut down the 163 year old paper. >> play areas at fast food restaurants popular with children and parents but are they clean enough? developmental psychologist from arizona joined by tribune reporter monica eng on a tour of the playlands what they found about to turn your stomach, sticky surfaces filmy windows broken neck with the food morsels in every compartment and thick black goo in most crevices mcdonald says it has a cleaning policy but did not reveal >> i hired a laboratory and started working with microbiologists to find out in addition to what physically disgusting was said there was growing and that can make children very very si
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Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12